TA Roloff

Technological and personal continuity: TA Roloff GmbH has been producing actuator technology for valves for more than 40 years. Their products are made under fair wage conditions and they also teach apprentices in the metal and electrical professions. They have successfully solved many demanding problems with internal developments and inventions and have supported national and international projects with their knowhow and service. Their customers have frequently given us valuable feedback.

They manufacture electric actuators, future-proof, upgradeable and with the most cutting edge technology, avoiding the problems of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. TA Roloff also manufactures actuators for industrial valves which are also suitable for hazardous areas such as those with high explosion risks, underwater environments and for applications where a fail-safe function is required.

This knowledge is continually cultivated, updated and cherished by them. The components for their actuators components are sourced exclusively from Germany and Western Europe or in-house manufactured. The company is run by both its owners and employees. their actuators are therefore in body and soul genuine “Made in Hamburg”.

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DC Motors

TA Roloff  installs DC motors in all of its actuator series. DC motors are superior to AC motors when it comes to automating valves. DC motors increase their torques if peaks in the required torques are encountered, a scenario fairly typical in a valve’s travel. Installation of DC motors is less costly and energy consumption is likewise lower. Faster response, precise positioning and the high resolution of the travel are positive characteristics of DC motors.

Advantages of DC motors:

  • Torque performance is ideal for valves
  • Straightforward electrical implementation
  • Fast response in control systems
  • Precise positioning
  • Low electricity consumption

Gommer as Dutch distributor

Ingenieursburo Gommer is a distributor for TA Roloff. We offer actuated valves in various materials such as aluminium and SS316.

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