Dr. Thiedig Sampling & Analysing Systems

Dr. Thiedig

Dr. Thiedig Sampling & Analysing Systems was founded in 1939 by Dr. Werner Thiedig in the Berlin district of Kreuzberg. Owing to his technical craftmanship, creativity and inventiveness, the father of the current General Manager Hans-Jürgen Thiedig developed technical equipment such as high-pressure dosing pumps/devices/valves, piston compressors, microscopes and laboratory supplies.

Their know-how in the field of sampling and analysing systems has grown over many decades and is highly rated and appreciated by more than 5,000 customers worldwide.

The constant quest for technological innovations is important for Dr. Thiedig Sampling & Analysing Systems in order to achieve highest precision, reliability and efficiency. In cooperation with research institutions and partners from the industry, their specialists continually work on improvements and new developments.

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Sampling Technology

Sampling systems are designed to check water, steam or product samples under high pressure for possible contaminants. The method of sampling and analysis can be standardised for a wide range of applications. Dr. Thiedig has created a sampling system with a modular structure for the most required analyses.

This system enables a tried and tested system design of the overall installation which provides the operator with a quick overview and easy handling across all measuring points.

Analysing Technology

In addition to sampling technologies, they also have a wide spectrum of their own measuring devices that have been specially developed for the analysis of water-steam cycles in power plants. Furthermore, their oxygen measuring equipment is successfully used in the beverage industry for decades.

Gommer as Dutch distributor

Ingenieursburo Gommer is the stocking distributor for Dr. Thiedig products. We can provide standarized products but also complete solutions for your measuring tasks. We can offer an extensive range of special solutions. Our team of motivated co-workers and a qualified engineer stand by to help our customers solve their analysing problems at any time.

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