Circle Seal Controls

Quality counts at Circle Seal Controls and it always has. Reliable products and responsive service that set industry standards are the cornerstones of their business. As a result, they welcome each new challenge as an opportunity to move these bench marks of excellence continually forward.

Behind every Circle Seal Controls’ product is a heritage of excellence dating back to 1947 when the company was founded. The fledgling firm developed and marketed its first innovation-a check valve that utilized a floating O-ring to provide a dead-tight seal.

Ongoing investments in state-of-the-art equipment and skilled personnel have helped Circle Seal advance its global leadership position. Realizing that people are their greatest asset, they sponsor training and skill development programs at all levels of the organization. The result is a demonstrated ability to provide their customers with the best quality available across a full array of valves and controls.

A Complete Selection of Quality Products

Circle Seal Controls offers a wide choice of valves and controls for applications including medical, chemical, petrochemical, energy, and food & beverage. Products range from discrete components to integrated assemblies to complete fluid control systems. They design and manufacture to customer specifications.

Uniquely Qualified

Circle Seal Controls’ comprehensive product line, engineering expertise, broad manufacturing capabilities, stringent quality control, and responsive customer service makes them well qualified to address your fluid control needs. Customers can specify their valves and controls with the confidence that they are backed by a company dedicated to complete satisfaction.

For more information about the company check out the Circle Seal Controls website.

Gommer as Dutch distributor

Ingenieursburo Gommer is a stocking distributor for the Netherlands and Northern belgium for Circle Seal Controls. We have a wide range of Circle Seal products like check valves, relief valves, automated valves and many more.

We offer great customer service, engineering expertise and we welcome your challenges. We are uniquely equipped to meet them.

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