Excess Flow Valves in Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Hydrogen is supplied from the high pressure H2 storage tank on the vehicle through the pressure regulator to reduced the pressure of the H2 flowing in the Fuel Cell. Excess Flow Valve is used to limit the Excess flow of Hydrogen into the Fuel Cell.
The M-VF Series Safety Excess Flow Valves are engineered for fast automatic shut-off in case of line, hose, or fitting failure protecting plant, personnel, and instruments.
Designed for protection of systems handling corrosive, toxic, radioactive, and flammable materials; the valve will instantly detect surges in the system and stop fluid flow. The M-VF Series operates effectively with all fluids, liquids or gases.
As the fluid enters the valve, the pressure differential across the piston creates a venturi effect, accelerating the flow through the valve.
At a preset flow rate, when the differential exceeds the magnetic attraction between the piston magnet and the adjusting screw magnet, the piston travels over towards the output port, thereby shutting off the flow.